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Tips On Camping

  • Find or Create Shelter before Dark:- One of the most important camping tips is this Always pitch camp before dark. Keep in mind that with tents, bigger isn't necessarily better you'll have to lug it to your campsite, after all.
  • Watch your surroundings:- There are some natural environmental queues that tend to precede a change in the weather. A sudden calm (or, conversely, sudden gusts of wind) indicate that the barometric pressure is fluctuating and can signify an approaching storm.
  • Bring a lot of plastic bags:The wonderful things about plastic bags of all sizes trash bags, sealing sandwich bags and so forth are that they keep water out just as effectively as higher end dry bags. They take up virtually no room in your pack and cost next to nothing. You can't reuse them like you can the brand name camping dry bags, but for a single trip, cheap plastic bags are a saving grace if you end up camping in the rain. Remember not to litter and spoil the nature once you are done with them!
  • Always carry a newspaper:- Take along a little newspaper and keep it dry. This can be highly beneficial if it rains for several reasons. In addition to possibly providing some reading if you have to pass the rainy time hunkered down in a tent, it also serves as a useful fire starter if the rest of the forest is waterlogged.
  • Pick the right clothes:- The clothes you bring will largely depend on the weather you’ll experience at the campsite. You should also plan for unexpected weather and activities by bringing along rain gear. Whatever the forecast, bring a sun hat and hiking boots.
  • Staying hydrated:- Drink at least 3 liters of water a day to stay fully hydrated. Carry extra water bottles, so you don’t run short on water.
  • Protecting yourself:- Tell someone about your plans. Make sure that you alert trusted friends and family to both your intended whereabouts and your planned departure and return dates.
  • Packing wisely:- Bring only what you need, leave the rest. Keep in mind the weight of what you’ll carry. How much walking and hiking will you have to do before you arrive at the campsite! Are you going to be able to carry such a heavy load to and from the site? Don’t wait until the last minute to pack or you’re likely to forget something and stress yourself out before you even get to the campsite.


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