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Stress at work, snobbish office colleagues, mounting sales targets, financial turmoil, demands at job and family front and ever-increasing sense of competition - The regular monotonous and sedentary lifestyle can literally rob us of energy.


An overnight camping experience right in the midst of lush greenery is what you need to feel fresh and geared up. The Blue Tent group takes special care to ensure that you get to enjoy your adventure trip to Karjat, without having to worry about logistics and supplies.


We take great pride in the quality of our properties and make it our business to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay on your holiday in THE BLUE TENT.

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Planning a corporate event and team building exercise far away from the city chaos? Is it time for a much awaited Family outing? Having you been frantically searching for a perfect retreat gateway to take a break from the daily timetable? Or is it just a Private event with your near ones? We welcome you to an exclusive adventure trip and thrilling camping service provided by the Blue Tent. One of favourite weekend gateway, the serene village of Sugave, 21km from Karjat and approximately 68 Km from Mumbai was our obvious choice. Marked with boundless flora, fauna, serene mountains, caves and historical forts, it’s time to gear up for a fun filled night, as you head towards our camping site near Karjat. Indulge in a night-long bonfire, enthralling music, dance, bonfire, BBQ and endless activities in the backdrop of lush greenery under the blanket of a mystifying starry night sky.
It’s your chance to spend a memorable night with close friends, family members, colleagues or your team. Treat yourself to a refreshing break and rejuvenate yourself to the fullest.

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