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Family Get-together & Outing

There’s nothing quite like a family gathering!  If a family reunion is in the works, and you happen to be the one setting the plans, then it is probably a good idea to look into some good family reunion. A family is like branches on a tree; we all grow in different directions, yet our roots…
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Welcoming 2017

Campers enjoyed the new year night with lots of music, free flow of BBQ and drinks. Campers enjoyed our food and campsite and were very happy while they returned. We celebrated the new year with a blast....cake cutting, dance, music, and unlimited fun. We had tents set up for the guests to relax. Perfect way…
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Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan Rakhi is a thread that binds two souls in abound of joy forever. So this Raksha Bandhan make this bond stronger with Blue Tent. So all brothers enjoy time with your sisters. Again build tent just like you did with your sister with your mother’s dupatta, but this time make this happen with…
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