Although ‘camping’ is only one word, it means many different things to different people and it got us wondering what’ Ever heard of Glamping or Bamping?

Some of us love to set off with just a backpack, while others love to pack our best crockery, bedding and patio furniture. Then there are those who sleep on a mat under the stars or under canvas, while others stay in their beloved camper-van or caravan. Then there are those who love the luxury side of Glamping. In fact there are so many different ways to go camping. Here are the top 10 trends in camping

Tree House Camping

Why do we all get such a thrill from tree house camping in tents and other unique structures? Is it that it allows us to reach that place we’ve always wanted to be since we were kids… up in the tree canopy with the birds, giving us a vision of what it would be like to fly? Or is it because it’s one step away from camping without being in a hotel, while still being able to enjoy the outdoor life? Whatever the reason, it seems we all get a huge kick out of this type of camping… or should I say tree house Glamping?

Tree house camping (or Glamping) allows people to take a much more luxurious stay outside. In fact, it’s proving so popular that new tree house innovations and businesses are popping up all over the place.


Minimalist camping may sound redundant given that many people go camping to get away from our heavily materialist lifestyles

Minimalist camping is as much about mind set as it is about gear, and allowing yourself the space to just get going is the most liberating aspect of all. Show the over-packers and consumerist campers just how minimalist camping should be!


Recently, a global trend has caught fire that offers outdoor enthusiasts an upgrade on rest and recreation. It’s called glamping, a new word for a new kind of travel, defined as glamorous camping.

When you're glamping, there's no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build. Whether in a tent, yurt, air stream, pod, igloo, hut, villa, cabin, cube, tepee or tree house, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury.

Backyard Camping

Usually undertaken by families who love to camp with the kids but know there will be the inevitable early morning tears or late night teething nightmare to deal with, so having the family home only a stone’s throw away allows them to sleep under the stars without actually having to worry about any of the negatives of having young children under canvas.

A backyard camp out is a quick and simple way to enjoy the fun of camping without some of the hassles. You can take your kids on an outdoor adventure with very little planning, and you never even have to pack the car. Camping is a great way to bond as a family, talking and telling stories around a campfire.

Frugal Camping

One of the best ways to explore new areas of the country and soak up the sun in the great outdoors is camping. Camping allows you to control how expensive a trip will be. You can stay in a fancy private campground that has lots of amenities like pools, social activities, playgrounds and even mini-golf. This kind of campground is going to be more expensive. Or, you can rough it in a public campground in the middle of nature.

Another big budget buster for vacations besides accommodations is food. Your budget is entirely up to you when camping, since you purchase the food in advance. There’s nothing to say you can’t live off of peanut butter and jelly for the weekend, supplemented by whatever fish you manage to catch. On the flip side, a quick Google search will also turn up an unending list of ways to cook pretty much anything over a campfire.  Activities are another line on the vacation budget and when you’re camping, those activities usually cost a lot less. Compare the entrance fee to a theme park to the cost of a fishing pole and bait or a new book to read while sitting by the lake. Other wallet-friendly options you can do while camping include hiking, biking, bird watching and stargazing.

Geek Camping

Whether you're out on a leisurely hike or prepping to survive the zombie apocalypse, we have the gear to keep you going when you're off-the-grid. We know from experience that nature is a harsh mistress, so it's always best to be prepared, whether for you that means always having a Sharp Knife, Sword, or Axe and flashlight as part of your EDC or packing your solar charger in your bug-out-bag ready so you're ready to hit the road. We can brighten up your campsite with LED lights and give you the MOLLE straps and tactical gear to hang them from. Emergencies don't have to be time to panic.

Damping is for those who go camping no matter how much it’s going to rain. Often witnessed in the UK, these campers are robust and stubborn, and visit the campsite armed with matting for walkways and awnings of various sizes so they can be outside no matter what the weather or how damp and muddy it gets. Those who enjoy the pleasure of geek camping have the best satellite navigation equipment,  the most efficient camping gear and know the percentage of natural down in all their sleeping gear and clothing. Having the best camping gadgets and gear is all part of being a geek camper.

Leave No Trace Camping

Leave No Trace refers to a set of outdoor ethics promoting conservation in the outdoors. It is built on seven principles:

  1. Plan ahead and prepare
  2. Travel and camp on durable surfaces
  3. Dispose of waste properly
  4. Leave what you find
  5. Minimize campfire impacts
  6. Respect wildlife
  7. Be considerate of other visitors

These seven principles have been adapted to different activities, ecosystems and environments. These campers are so good at leaving no trace some might think they’ve been trained by the Secret Services! They wouldn’t dream of leaving a fire pit uncovered, or some trash in the hedge, as they get their kicks out of being stealthy and leaving nature well alone.

Gorilla Camping

But this is no ordinary trip, this is a journey to find out what lies in the deepest part of our souls, a seeking to discover what the world has to offer beyond the edge of our fears, wherever this may take us.

For those not yet introduced to the concept, gorilla camping entails driving to a secluded spot in any country in the world, setting up camp, and staying the night. This type of camping is for those who like to camp out amongst the trees or totally in the wild. They are as stealthy as the ‘leave no trace’ campers and they take pride in the low impact they have on their environment. Also, if you are a gorilla camper you don’t always camp where you are allowed to, as you get a bit of a kick about rebelling against the ‘higher powers’.

Eco Warrior Camping

These campers recycle and generate power as they camp. This involves everything from up-cycling vintage camper-vans, tents and caravans to using homemade wind turbines and solar power generators to power their camping trip. They rarely go without, but always make sure everything they use on their camping trip is environmentally friendly.


Damping is for those who go camping no matter how much it’s going to rain. Often witnessed in the UK, these campers are robust and stubborn, and visit the campsite armed with matting for walkways and awnings of various sizes so they can be outside no matter what the weather or how damp and muddy it gets.

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