Going camping is simple, almost unbelievably cheap and a lot of fun so don’t be intimidated by it. Here's a basic Hacks for Campers with everything you need to know.

  • Sudden power cuts. Don’t know where you have kept candles, not to worry you can use wax crayon to light. It burns solid 30 mins. And is very economical.
  • To keep your pots and pans organised, tie a belt around a tree. Then put ‘S’ hook over the top of belt to hang them.
  • On camping trips, soap gets filled with dirt and it’s not safe to use. Instead of taking whole soap bar and spoiling it, use a vegetable peeler to get soap leaves. You can use one leaf at a time.
  • Don’t want to carry full toothpaste tube? Here, is hack for you. Night before you go for camping. Put a few dots of toothpaste into a plate. In the morning it will dry up and you will get tiny chips of toothpaste, that you can use one at a time to brush.
  • Why carry whole roll of duct tape?. Instead wrap it around a flashlight, bottle or lighter. It will always be handy and save space too. Duct tapes is great not only to fix things but also great for blisters and to remove ticks.
  • Camping parties great idea, but bugs falling into your drinks, you will not want it. Use cupcake wrapper to keep bugs away. For that just pierce a straw in the cupcake wrapper and then drink it.
  • Johnson baby cream oil makes amazing mosquito repellent.
  • When camping use ‘joke candles’ (The ones that can’t be blown out) to light fire. This way, the wind won’t affect the flame.
  • Carrying ice to keep your food cool, instead freeze your food before leaving. You will need less ice and space will be saved too.
  • Need to start fire? You can use a pencil sharpener to turn thin twigs into tiny  shavings. Which are perfect for tinder. You can also sharp the tip of a stick to roast marshmallows and also make hot dog skewers out of it.

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