Tired ? Take a Break

Stress at work, snobbish office colleagues, mounting sales targets, financial turmoil, demands at job and family front and ever-increasing sense of competition - The regular monotonous and sedentary lifestyle can literally rob us of energy. What you need is a BREAK; a well-deserved temporary escape from the routine. The Blue Tent nature trip and camping retreat promises to provide you with a much needed gateway.

Soak yourself in the midst of endless flora and fauna at the serene nature trip to Karjat, India.

Karjat – Near Ulhas River Basin, Maharashtra, India

Karjat, situated approximately 68 Km from Mumbai, is marked with serene mountains, forts and ancient caves. If you are looking for a respite from the city hustles and pollution, this is your chance to rejuvenate your mind and soul with the freshness of nature. The Blue Tent helps you in organizing corporate events, Private events, Company trips, Private trips, Family outing, nature trip, adventure trip, and team building activities, through a series of camping, trekking and other leisurely activities.

While you spend quality time with your family, friends and colleagues, we ensure a hassle free stay at our camping tents, right in the lap of Mother Nature.

• We provide accommodation at camp site.
• Enjoy Bonfire, barbeque and sing along session.
• Enjoy delicious Dinner and Breakfast.
• We take care of essential logistics including camping Tents, blankets, pillows and sleeping mattresses.

So what are you waiting for? Recharge your batteries and step up to return to your regular life with more energy and enthusiasm.

Limited tents available.