The Blue Tent Campsite

The Blue Tent ideal for beginners and experts as it was started by a Certified Camping Instructor from Singapore who found that the level of camping related activities did not meet international standards. Now, campers have an option where they can get  clean campsites, nice bathrooms as well as activities and events for the entire family. On our campgrounds we also have a park ranger on site that is available in case of any emergencies and to answer any questions you may have.

The Blue Tent offer different activities and events throughout the weekends (and often times the weekdays) for their campers. Sometimes these are simple nature classes where you can learn about the environment you are camping in while other times their might be games and activities for small children.

Our campsite will vary wildly in their landscape though. Some may be full of prairie grass while others side in the middle of thick wooded areas and still others may be located around rock formations, lakes. Our campgrounds charge nominal per night and have a small additional fee if you choose a campsite with electricity or other amenities.

Book your tent now go ahead and call the campground and ask for available tents. What type of landscape is available to camp on, hike on, play in and so on.