Camping Activities

An overnight camping experience right in the midst of lush greenery is what you need to feel fresh and geared up. The Blue Tent group takes special care to ensure that you get to enjoy your adventure trip to Karjat, without having to worry about logistics and supplies.

Our exclusive overnight camping packages are priced at just INR 2000 per night per person. We offer a discounted rate of INR 1000 for children below the age of 12. The package includes a refreshing welcome tea, camp setup, exploring the wilderness all around, a BBQ and thrilling night-time camping experience.

The adventure trip is solely intended to provide our guests with a rare chance of getting their friends together, unwinding and relaxing to great music and camping under the starry night sky.

The adventure trip is solely intended to provide our guests with a rare chance of getting their friends together, unwinding and relaxing to great music and camping under the starry night sky.

• Watch the marvels as the morning sun kisses the night sky.
• Enjoy an unobstructed view of nature.
• Indulge in jungle trekking and explore the endless flora.
• Get along with friends and revive those great memories.
• Enjoy the bonfire and lip-smacking BBQ.
• Sing, dance and make merry.
• Treat yourself to a sumptuous breakfast.
• Nature hikes and field trips.
• Pamper your taste-buds with a delicious lunch.
• Make some new friends too.


At the Blue Tent, guest safety and security is our highest priority. It is therefore imperative, that we advise our guests on certain “Camping Essentials” which visiting the nature trip at Karjat.

• Since our guests join us from near and far, we insist that they reach the camping site directly on their own transport. This is your chance to enjoy the trip at your own convenience and comfort.
• For family trips, we enforce a 1 adult to 2 child ratio. This ensures extra safety and personalised care from the children at the camping site.
• We love following a strict eco-tourism policy. We take extra care to take back everything from the camping site without any littering whatsoever.
• Don’t forget to carry shoes and boots, but do keep the shoes outside the tents.
• Kindly avoid having food inside the tents. Keep them clean.
• Sleep clothes and rain gears could come immensely handy at adventure trip and farm stay.
• Long sleeve tops to avoid insect bites.
• Long pants advised to avoid insect bites
• Please carry adequate Jacket/Sweaters and Caps.
• Don’t forget to carry your toiletries comprising of soap /shampoo, Sunscreen, tooth brush/tooth paste, Comb/brush, Toilet paper and essential feminine products.
• You could carry a Flashlight, Extra batteries, Bug repellent/candles, Pocket knife, Cell phone/charger and power banks, Travel alarm clock. Nevertheless, using any sharp objects inside the tents is not allowed.
• Splinting materials, essential medicines and daily prescription drugs are not to be missed out.
• No smoking inside the tents and eating tables.

How Blue Tent Camping promises a unique experience?

You could have very-well organized a camping trip all by yourself? Well, the problem lies in organizing every tiny detail. From tents, ropes, sleeping bags to utensils and raw food supplies, you need to meticulously plan every bit of it. And that’s a sheer challenge, especially for those who are already busy with office and daily chores.

Blue Tent camping service promises you a unique hassle free experience.

From tents, blankets, pillows and sleeping mattresses to breakfast and dinner – you have it all taken care of.

Do’s and Don’ts
Guest safety and enjoyment are amongst our top priorities at The Blue Tent. We would therefore request all our guests to follow a set of stipulated rules to maximize your fun and relaxation.

1. Don’t climb trees unsupervised

2. Don’t walk in undesignated areas unsupervised

3. Don’t drink alcohol on premises

4. Don’t damage flora and fauna

5. Don’t play with fire outside of the designated area

6. Don’t feed stray dogs and other wild animals

7. Don’t litter

8. Don’t bring pets

9. Don’t do drugs.


1. Follow instructions of the guide

2. Stay within the stipulated area unless supervised by the guide

3. Inform guide if you need to leave the premises

4. Be present for meals on stipulated timings

5. Wear shoes when walking around

6. Cover body parts with clothes and/or insect repellent to avoid insect bites

7. Smoking permitted only in designated areas

8. Take care of yourself to avoid injuries and bites

9. ENJOY!!

Liability Waiver Form
All participants are requested to complete their registration in the Overnight Camping Program by The Blue Tent by signing this form and presenting it
to your EXPEDITION LEADER during check-in.

Note: Don't forget to bring this along Liability Waiver Form